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About Us

Lorna Kennedy


Lorna originally comes from Salisbury, England, a mid-sized town just down the road from the world famous Stonehenge.  In 1994, when she was 11, her and her family moved to the United States looking for a new adventure.  They eventually settled in Eugene, Oregon.


Lorna has always had a compassionate heart, which originally led her into the medical field.  However, there is more to her compassion than just caring for others.  Her natural tact for organizing and planning social events is a passion of hers that she sincerely enjoys.  She is dedicated in ensuring that all details, both great and small, are attended to and never overlooked.  Her keen eye for details is only a small portion of her dedication to her clients.


Lorna is married with three children, two boys and a girl, all doing what little kids do best, creating messes that mum and dad have to pick up.  They are her world, her joy, and of course part of this beautiful mess we call life.   

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