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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is there a delivery fee?

Answer: Yes, if you choose to have the items delivered and picked up there will be a charge. A delivery fee of $75 per hour will be added. This fee is including from the time we leave our location to the time we return to our location. Our delivery is anywhere within a 30 mile radius.

Question: How long is the rental period? is the charge per day or per event?

Answer: The rental fee is for the event period, we do not charge on a per day basis. If your event is on a Saturday, you can pick up on Friday and return on the Sunday after your event. If you have extenuating circumstances and need it for longer, we are definitely accommodating in the duration of your rental period.

Question: Are there any other fees other than delivery fee?

Answer: We have a flat cleaning fee of $35 for renting linens or tableware (Dishes, glasses etc). We just ask that you scrape off any food pieces prior to packaging up. 

Question: What are your hours?

Answer: We are open by appointment only. Please email, message, call or text and we can set up an appointment to get you started. We love company, so you can bring anyone who wants to be involved.

Question: I won't be available to pick up or drop off my items, can someone else pick up and return the rental items?

Answer: Certainly! Just let us know ahead of time who we'll be chatting with, Mum, Dad, uncle Tom, your sister Julie or any other friendly faces. 

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